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The most expensive Cat breeds

Most expensive cat breeds

Today, among wealthy people who adore cats, the trend is mustachioed-tailed with a serious character. Many ambitious cat lovers acquire pets, in whose veins wild blood flows, and are ready to pay fabulous money for them. Since the end of the last century, the most expensive cat breeds are hybrids of wild and domestic animals bred by breeders. Their cost can reach tens of thousands of dollars, while queues line up for extravagant exotics. Traditional favorites, affectionate and gentle, have receded into the background in terms of value, but this circumstance hardly upsets them.

The cat kingdom has about two hundred breeds – from long-haired beauties with hairy eyes to completely naked creatures with a very peculiar appearance. Expensive breeds, as a rule, include cats, whose cost starts from $ 1000 – for a representative of the show class with an impeccable pedigree. Kittens whose mom and dad are prize–winners of international exhibitions are most highly valued.

The following breeds regularly get into the ratings of the most expensive cats:

11. Maine Coon

Maine Coon

New England Native, maine coon is distinguished by its impressive size, mouse hunting skills, adaptability to any whims of nature. This cute giant cat fascinates with its shaggy thick fur, touching tassels on the ears and a huge fluffy tail, giving it a resemblance to a raccoon. Maine Coons have a good disposition, they are easy-going, smart, love affection. These cute creatures have outstanding vocal abilities, and they willingly demonstrate their talent to their owners.

Maine Coons reach full maturity by the age of 3-5, and many of them can weigh more than 9 kg at this age. They like to live in pairs, while males are prone to wonderful funny antics, and cats try not to lose dignity. To other animals in the family and children maine coons are friendly. The cost of kittens of this breed can reach $ 1000.

10. Peterbold


Elegant and charismatic peterbold , also known as St. Petersburg sphinx , is a Russian breed of hairless or partially hairless cats. The residual fur of the representatives of this tribe can be velvety or stiff, similar to a two-week bristly male beard. The first peterbold was born in 1994, as a result of the binding of elite don sphinx and oriental cats , world champion. In the 90s, club breeders began to export peterbolds abroad.

Representatives of this breed can boast of a muscular constitution, but like everyone else orientals , they are incredibly graceful. They are distinguished by an elongated and narrow muzzle with a noble straight profile, bat-like ears, almond-shaped eyes of green or bright blue color. Peterbolds they are very affectionate, intelligent, incredibly curious and sneaky, it is impossible to hide a treat from them. The owners of these cats need to remember that their skin is very sensitive and prone to sunburn. You need to make sure that peterbold was not in the open air for a long time in clear weather. Kittens with elite pedigree are sold in Russia for $ 1000-1300, abroad their cost can reach up to $ 5000.

9. British shorthair cat

British Shorthair cat

Plush moustachioed stalwarts are regulars of film sets advertising popular cat food. This is not surprising, because they are so nice to watch. Looking incredibly good-natured, british shorthair cats have long been a collective image of a classic pet.

The ancestors of this breed are considered cats brought to Britain by Roman legionnaires. The animals were distinguished by outstanding hunting abilities and remarkable physical data, but modern representatives of the breed have lost these qualities. Many of them, with improper nutrition, are prone to obesity and become sluggish with age. Breeders had to work hard to make British shorthair cats resistant to diseases.

Charmingly plump in appearance british , in fact, are very stocky and quite powerful. They have a large head, thick cheeks and large, round eyes with a tinge of copper. The most popular color of the plush fur of these cats is solid (gray, gray–blue, black, purple, chocolate). The character of the British shorthair is calm, docile, but independent. They treat strangers selectively, rarely allow strangers to approach them. Briton will always be extremely unhappy if someone, even the owner, wants to carry him in his arms. Prices for British aristocrats range from $500-1500.

8. Russian blue cat

Russian blue cat

Russian blue conquer with their brilliant green eyes and gray-blue fur, shining silver. Fervent and quick-witted cats are devoted to their owners and know how to adjust to their mood. However, sometimes they can show stubbornness and love of freedom, show discontent when a stranger appears. Interestingly, staying in any mood, these beauties look contented and happy. All thanks to the fact that the outline of their mouth resembles a slight smile.

Russian blue are also called archangel cats, because they became famous thanks to kittens from Arkhangelsk. They were taken out of Russia by the British breeder Karen Cox. In 1875, they were presented at the cat show at the Crystal Palace in London. They say that Russian blue cats bring prosperity and happiness to the house. But the cost of the mascot is high: from $ 400 to $ 2000.

7. American Curl

American Curl

Representatives of this overseas breed of shorthair and semi-long-haired cats are touchingly gentle and restless. They charm with their lovely silky fur, expressive eyes, but their main highlight is the ears twisted back, similar to horns. The origin of the curls can be traced back to a homeless black cat with long hair and funny ears, which was sheltered in 1981 by a couple from California, Joe and Grace Ruga. Sulamith, as the owners called the cat, became the ancestor of the popular breed today.

Amazing shape of ears American curl is the result of a random mutation. Interestingly, the cubs are born with straight ears, and they begin to wrap up in the first ten days of their life. Curls very affectionate, intelligent, playful. They love to communicate with people and are ready to be friends with all the animals in the house. Kids american curls cost from $1000 to $3000.

6. Scottish Fold or Scottish Fold cat

Scottish fold

The appearance of this breed dates back to 1961, when a Scottish farmer named William Ross bought a kitten with folded ears from his neighbor. This cat lover brought out a new breed. Ears scottish folds , folding down and forward, give their muzzles an extraordinary charm and touching. This trademark difference is the result of a mutation of a dominant gene affecting the cartilage of the entire cat's body, therefore scottish fold often have joint problems.

Scottish folds , resembling teddy bears, owls or pixies, look a little sad, but this is a deceptive impression. In fact, cats are very cheerful, energetic, and love outdoor games. They become really sad if they have to stay alone - it causes Scottish lop–eared feeling depressed. The cost of kittens of this breed can reach up to $ 3000.

5. Kao-mani


Having a centuries-old pedigree, the favorites of the monarchs of Thailand are still considered elite cats today. Kao-mani ("white gem") belong to one of the rarest breeds of the feline world. They have been popular in Thailand for a long time, but they appeared on the international scene only about 10 years ago. These muscular kitties are active, intelligent, sociable and, unsurprisingly for royal favorites, very wayward and capricious.

Kao-mani fascinates with a thick, tightly fitting snow-white coat and a penetrating gaze of almond-shaped eyes of blue or golden color. If in ancient times it was allowed to keep and breed kao-mani exclusively at the royal court, today anyone who is ready to part with $ 1800-3500 can become the owner of this mustachioed beauty. The most valuable are the kao-mani, who have one blue eye and the other golden. In Thailand, where they believe that these kitties give their owners bliss and healing, their cost can reach $ 10,000. Such a sum will have to be paid for kao-mani with rare features, different eyes and "wonderful abilities" to cure diseases.

4. Persian cat

Persian cat

It is generally believed that the ancestors of these imposing beauties were brought to the European continent from Persia (modern Iran), although there is historical evidence that the breed existed before our era. The ranks of fans of Persian cats are not thinning. People love them for their calm, easy-going nature, quick wit, friendliness and, of course, for their incomparable appearance. At Persians luxurious long coat, cute "Pekingese" muzzle with expressive eyes, which, depending on the color of the animal, can be green, copper-orange or blue. The whites are especially delicious persian cats with meek pansies.

Persians they also love the comfort of their owners, they are ready to be friends with other pets, even with birds, because the breed has lost its hunting skills. Cats will not rush wildly around the room when they are in a playful mood, tear off furniture with their claws, jump on high surfaces. They prefer to bask endlessly in the master's bed, for which they were nicknamed sofa cats. However, these sluggards may well be interested in balls, artificial mice and other toys. It is important to carefully and regularly take care of the royal "fur coat" Persians , otherwise it will be ruined by tangles. Prices for persian cats start from $500 and can go up to $5000 if the selected fluffy specimen is the offspring of champion parents.

3. Bengal cat

How's the water?

Despite its exotic and somewhat wild appearance, bengal cats - wonderful pets. The history of this breed can be traced back to the 60s of the last century, when an American Jane Mill, a specialist in genetics, crossed a wild leopard cat with a domestic cat. The breed received official recognition in 1983. Bengala is distinguished by a muscular physique, thick silky fur with a deep shine and a spotted color. This is the only breed of domestic cats that has markings in the form of a rosette – a kind of marking on the fur of wild animals that helps them disguise themselves.

Long, lean bengal cats incredibly effective and confident. They are very smart, inquisitive and love action. Wild temper bengals is manifested in their ineradicable desire to hunt. Even aquarium fish can become victims of cats. Energetic and curious, they like to swing on chandeliers, play with switches, splash in the bathroom, have fun opening latches on doors – in general, to get up absolutely amazing antics. The energy of these animals should be directed to a peaceful channel, providing them with physical activity. But, in general, bengal cats are quite social. They are attached to all household members, sociable, ready to tolerate when they are "squeezed", demonstrate a friendly attitude to other pets and toddlers.

You can become the owner of a Bengal cat by paying $2000-5000. The cost of kittens with a particularly rare color and an outstanding pedigree reaches up to $ 20,000.

2. Chaousi


Chausie , obstinate descendants of the wild marsh lynx and Abyssinian domestic cat , were recognized as a special breed in the 90s of the XX century. This proud creature with a rather muscular body, long legs, a neat muzzle and a serious look of golden yellow or amber eyes is an excellent companion for those who love cats with character and intelligence. But it is difficult to keep an extravagant beauty in an apartment – she needs space. Chausie are very active, they love to jump, storm heights, explore the territory and hunt. They, like dogs, are perfectly amenable to training and have amazing intuition, feeling what the owner needs at a certain moment.

Chauzi - companionable cats. They like to play with children, they are friends with their relatives, do not mind the company of dogs. These wayward exotics quickly get attached to their owners, but they are not particularly enthusiastic about gentle hugs with them. Chausie generations A and B, hybrids of the first and second generations from crossed wild and domestic cats, have an impressive set of pronounced predatory habits. Representatives of more distant generations C and SBT can already claim the title of "pet". The cost of purebred chauzi can reach $10,000.

1. Savannah (Asher)

Savannah @akiomercury

This magnificent animal is a hybrid of African servals (well-tamed predators of the feline family) and domestic shorthair cats of certain oriental breeds. The first kitten (baby Savannah ) was born in 1986. This significant event happened on the breeder's farm bengals Judy Frank, in Pennsylvania. Soon the breed became popular and was adopted by breeders' associations. It was officially standardized in 2001.

Savannah is the largest and most expensive cat breed. Males traditionally outnumber females in size. By the age of 3, the weight of the savanna can reach 15 kg, the height at the withers is 60 cm. At the same time, thanks to their slender physique, these exotic creatures with a royal bearing, large ears, high legs and thick spotted fur look even more impressive. Savannah are distinguished by intelligence, loyalty to the owner, loyal to walking on a leash. Properly brought up since childhood, cats are very friendly towards other animals and friendly with strangers. However, in the process of growing up, they often hiss, growl and hide when strangers appear.

Strong and mobile savannas are extremely jumpy. Some cats manage to jump 2.5 meters from a place. They often climb on doors, cabinets, refrigerators, from where they vigilantly observe what is happening around. Savannah they love water, they can swim with pleasure or take a shower with their owner. Future owners of these cats should take into account that they are incredibly curious. Savannah quickly learn to open cabinets and entrance doors, so when keeping them, you need to take every precaution, arrange tricky door locks.

This breed is divided into 5 types – from F1 to F5. The smaller the number after F, the more serval blood there is in the animal. The F1 hybrid (50% of serval) is the largest, rarest and, accordingly, expensive. The cost of F1 savannas is from $ 25,000.

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