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Top 3 most popular cat breeds among Russians for 2019

Top 3 most popular cat breeds among Russians for 2019

On the eve of the New Year, I would like to sum up the results of the outgoing: what breeds of cats were "on trend" in Russia? The Moscow City News Agency asked this question to Elena Shevchenko, President of the International Felinological Association.

According to the expert, the first place in popularity in Russia was taken by maine coons . "In 2019, the most popular breed remains maine coons , since it is a very large breed, and for a Russian person, what is big is beautiful," Elena said. Adult weight maine coon can reach 12 kg, while its luxurious wool does not require complex care, combing at home is enough. This is a cheerful, sociable breed with a sense of self-esteem.

In the second place in the list of favorites of Russians, they are comfortably located british shorthair cats . According to the expert, the secret of the success of the "Brits" is that they are "very similar to teddy bears" and have a short coat, which is easy to care for.

Unexpectedly, an exotic breed closed the top three – oriental cat . "They are very slender, long and elegant cats. Orientals are very intelligent, as they can perfectly execute the command "Aport!", they really like to communicate," commented Elena. The breed was recognized in 1997, and since then has firmly won its place in many homes.

To make sure the list is correct, checked the request statistics. So, the breed " maine coon " requested 386,281 times a month, " British cat " – 204,563 times, which confirms the correct distribution of seats. As for " orientals ", they scored 58,132 impressions, while " abyssinian cat " overtook them with 81,983 impressions. Residents of Russia are also close to not an exotic, but a native beauty – siberian cat , which collected 66,730 impressions.

And what can we expect from 2020? According to the expert, the demand for new unusual breeds of cats is growing in Russia. For example, a number of organizations have begun to recognize cats with 5-6 fingers on their paws – polydacts. There is also an increased interest in munchkins - charming playful cats with short paws.

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