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Milbemax for cats

Milbemax for cats

A cat can get infected with worms after eating raw meat, contact with infected animals and street dust, and in other ways. Since helminths are perfectly adapted to a variety of conditions, it is difficult to completely prevent infection. However, it is possible to reduce the existing risks, and it is necessary to approach this issue with all seriousness. Special means have been developed for the prevention and treatment of helminthiasis, one of which is Milbemax Elanco. Tablets from worms for oral use are based on a safe formula, which allows them to be used for both kittens and adult cats.

In what form is Milbemax produced, what is included in the

Milbemax for cats

The antiparasitic effect of Milbemax is achieved due to the presence of praziquantel and milbemycin oxime in the composition. The tablets are oval, the color is beige or brown. A fault line is provided. Anthelmintic is packaged in blisters made of aluminum. The blister contains 2 tablets, in a package – 1-2 blisters. The manufacturer offers 2 variants of the drug.

  • Kittens. The composition of one unit of the drug includes 10 and 4 mg of praziquantel and milbemycin, respectively.
  • For big cats. The dosage of praziquantel is 40 mg, milbemycin is 16 mg.

The composition is supplemented with talc, microcrystalline cellulose, lactose, macrogol, povidone, sodium carmellose, hypromellose, magnesium stearate. These components are auxiliary. In addition, the manufacturer adds colloidal silicon and the food additive "Artificial beef flavor" to Milbemax, which gives the medicine the taste of beef.

How the drug works

Milbemax for kittens and small cats

The components of the product provide fast and effective cleansing from helminths. Active substances remove even larvae from the body of a mustachioed pet. Milbemycin affects the degree of permeability of the cell membrane – by increasing this indicator, the drug component improves the flow of chlorine ions. As a result, overpolarization of cell membranes occurs in muscle tissue and neurons – worms are paralyzed, and they die. The maximum effect is achieved within 2 hours. The substance comes out in full when urinating 13 hours after taking Milbemax.

Praziquantel is effective in infecting nematodes and cestodes. This substance is presented as an acylated derivative of pyrazinisoquinoline. Its therapeutic effect is to increase the sensitivity of parasites to calcium ions – the result is depolarization of cell membranes, which leads to muscle contraction and destruction of the neodermis. Parasites die and are excreted from the animal's body naturally. It takes 1 hour to reach the peak of praziquantel activity, 2 hours to remove the substance.

In which cases to give the drug: indications

The instructions for use contain recommendations for specific cases. The drug is designed to cleanse the body of pets from parasites. Its use is allowed for preventive purposes. Indications include: cestodosis and nematodosis. The effectiveness of teniosis, echinococcosis, dipylidiosis, hookworm and toxocarosis is noted. It is recommended to use Milbemax before vaccination.

Treatment regimen

How to give Milbemax to cats? Tablets are recommended to be used when feeding, mixing them with food (there should be very little food so that it does not remain in the bowl). Admission is carried out once; the minimum dosage is 2 mg / kg of milbemycin oxime and 5 mg / kg of praziquantel.

Pet weight
Adult animals
0.5-1 kg
0.5 table.
1-2 kg
1 table.
2-4 kg
0.5 table.
4-8 kg
1 table.
8-12 kg
1.5 table.

During treatment, there is no need for a preliminary fasting diet. Drugs that have a laxative effect will also not be needed. To cleanse the body of worms, it is enough to apply Elanco Milbemax.

Which cats should not be given Milbemax

Contraindications must be taken into account:

  • weight up to 0.5 kg;
  • age less than 6 weeks;
  • disorders of the liver and kidneys;
  • reduced immunity as a consequence of the infectious process.

Attention: the medicine intended for adult cats is prohibited for the treatment and prevention of worms in kittens and young animals!

Side effects of taking Milbemax

Milbemax is a drug whose components pose a moderate danger to the animal's body (hazard class – 3). Since the content of active ingredients is small, they do not cause teratogenic, embryotoxic, and sensitizing effects. When using Milbemax in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations, the cat's body reacts well to the medicine regardless of age and breed.

The probability of side effects is minimal. As indicated in the instructions, negative reactions and complications, as a rule, do not occur. Rarely, when the recommended dosage is increased, tremors, diarrhea, and lethargy appear. Vomiting and ataxia may occur. In such cases, withdrawal of the drug and symptomatic treatment are required. To avoid negative reactions, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the indicated dosage.

Features of the treatment of kittens, pregnant and nursing cats

The drug is used at the age of at least six months. The use of Milbemax in an earlier age period may be accompanied by adverse reactions and allergies. If the cat is pregnant, you can only give pills in the third trimester. Nursing animals can be treated at least 2-3 weeks after lambing. You must first obtain the permission of a veterinarian.

How to store the drug

The product is stored in its original packaging in a dry, dark, separate place from the products, preventing access to children. Milbemax is valid for no longer than three years. The optimal storage temperature is +5...+25 °C. If only part of the tablet is used, the other half is left in the blister and sent to the box. After opening the package, the drug should be used for deworming or prophylaxis for 6 months.

Where to buy and how much does a Milbemax cost

Basically, anthelmintic agents for representatives of the feline family have a high cost, because not everyone can afford them. Many are not satisfied with the price of drugs for worms, which is the reason for the refusal of prevention and expensive treatment. However, you can choose more affordable medicines for pets. Such funds include Milbemax, the average price of which is 330 rubles. for kittens and 500 rubles. for adult cats. The price is for a package containing 2 tablets. If you purchase the medicine at least once every 6 months, the price is low. You can buy the drug at a veterinary pharmacy or order it online.

Analogues of the drug

Veterinary pharmacies offer a wide variety of products for removing helminths and their larvae from the body of cats. A wide range of products makes it possible to choose the most suitable product with the best price for a particular pet. Among the most common analogues of Milbemax are Prazimek-D or Profender. Pratel is no less popular. These drugs are produced in different dosage forms and differ from each other in active components. The best option in each case will be selected by a veterinarian.

What veterinarians say

Reviews of veterinarians are mostly unambiguous – Milbemax tablets for cats are a highly effective tool and allow you to completely cleanse the body of pets from parasites and their larvae. The main thing is to strictly adhere to the conditions of use of the medicine. Leaving their reviews, veterinarians especially focus on the regularity of taking pills, which is the key to the health of a mustachioed pet.

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