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Welsh Corgi pembroke

Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Other names: Corgi , Welsh Corgi

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is an amazing dog, the favorite breed of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, a small shepherd with a big and fearless heart.

Brief information

  • Breed name: Welsh corgi pembroke
  • Country of Origin: UK
  • Time of origin of the breed: X century
  • Weight: 9-13 kg
  • Height (height at the withers): 25-30 cm
  • Life expectancy: 9-12 years


  • Corgi is a dog that is ideal for a large and friendly family. It feels great both in a city apartment and in a country house.
  • The main character traits of the animal are cheerfulness, benevolence and activity. With almost complete absence of aggressiveness in behavior, corgi is a brave dog with highly developed intelligence.
  • Pembroke is a breed of dogs that are in great need of human society. Keeping her on the street, and even more so on a leash, is absolutely unacceptable.
  • The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is very sensitive to the mood of its owners and will never bother you inopportunely.
  • They are very active and love outdoor games, they are well trained.
  • Corgi's love for children has already become a legend. Absolutely without any fear, you can leave even a baby with him – Pembroke will stoically endure all his pranks.
  • Like a true shepherd dog, corgis love and know how to work in a team. They are not inclined to dominate, but they will obey only the owner, who treats them with understanding and love. A hysterical, nervous and hot-tempered person can hardly count on the love and friendship of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi – this dog is too smart.
  • Animal care is simple. Bathing is infrequent, because wool has good water-repellent properties and does not collect dirt. Systematic grooming is required only twice a year – during active molting. Nutrition is balanced. Remembering Pembroke's tendency to overeat, you need to control the amount of food.
  • The body structure of the Pembroke Welsh corgi requires careful attention to the nature of physical exertion. To avoid spinal injuries, it is necessary to avoid jumping from a height to the ground. Many breeders recommend protecting puppies from moving down stairs. It is not recommended to use a harness, it is better to immediately accustom the dog to the collar. The litter for the pet should not be too soft. Ideally, if it is a special orthopedic mattress.
  • People who are going to become breeders should know that this breed is difficult to breed, so you should consult with specialists in order to soberly assess your strength and make the right decision.

Welsh Corgi pembroke - a big dog in a small body. This characteristic is most often heard from the owners of these dogs. It's amazing how so much love, cheerfulness, sociability and devotion to man can be placed in such a small animal. And in terms of intelligence and intuition, corgi will give odds to many recognized human assistants from among large service dogs. Excellent character, amazing artistic abilities, charming appearance allowed representatives of the breed to win love in many countries of the world. It is becoming more and more popular with us.

Breed characteristics

Aggressiveness ?
Not aggressive ( Rating 1/5)
Activity ?
High ( Rating 4/5)
Training ?
Very easy ( Rating 5/5)
Molt ?
Very high ( Rating 5/5)
Need for care ?
Average ( Rating 3/5)
Friendliness ?
Very friendly ( Rating 5/5)
Health ?
Average ( Rating 3/5)
Cost of maintenance ?
Low ( Rating 2/5)
Attitude to loneliness ?
Short periods ( Rating 2/5)
Intelligence ?
Very smart ( Rating 5/5)
Noise ?
Above Average ( Rating 4/5)
Security qualities ?
Excellent ( Rating 5/5)
*Characteristics of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed are based on expert assessment and reviews of dog owners.

History of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed

The history of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed goes back centuries. While excavating at the site of a settlement in South Wales that existed at the turn of the VIII-IX centuries, scientists at Cardiff University, among other finds, discovered the bones of a small dog, very similar to parts of the skeleton of modern corgis.

Welsh corgi pembroke

Written mentions of the breed are first found in the code of laws of the Welsh king Hywel the Good, who ruled in these parts in the X century. According to the provisions of the law, for the murder of a corgi grazing cattle, its owner had the right to demand a whole ox from the culprit as compensation for damage. Interestingly, for dogs of any other breed, even if they were the property of the king, no one gave more sheep. The fact is that Welsh corgis grazed herds without human participation, accompanied the herd independently, fearlessly protected it from wolves and robbers, that is, they worked both for themselves and for the owner. The death of such an assistant was indeed a very tangible loss.

According to one version, the ancestors of today's Pembrokes were brought to the islands of Foggy Albion by Vikings. Perhaps they were lundehunds, the similarity with which lies not only in the size, but also in the special arrangement of the ears, which prevents sand and moisture from entering deep into the auricle. Corgi has a lot in common with another representative of spitz – the Swedish Walkhund.

The main function of these pets in those days was shepherding, and it's not just about flocks of sheep. Corgis looked after herds of ponies superbly, and when the boom in poultry breeding (mainly geese and ducks) began in Wales, it was simply impossible to find a better assistant accompanied by these very wayward birds to the city markets. Several dogs, working as a well-organized team, delivered huge flocks of birds to their destination with almost no losses. It was also important that the representatives of the breed did their job without barking, did not unnerve the bird.

Elizabeth II with her corgis

Welsh corgi Pembroke traces its history from the Welsh county of Pembrokeshire. This area is separated by the Cumbrian Mountain range from the county of Cardiganshire, where the Welsh corgi cardigan is from . Despite the similarity of the names, they are still different dogs. Due to the isolated existence in certain mountainous areas and, as a result, closely related crossing, each of the breeds has fixed features inherent only in this type of dog.

As for the meaning of the words "Welsh Pembroke" or "Welsh cardigan" in the name of the breed, then everything is more or less clear. But the word "corgi" can be translated in different ways. Someone believes that the word comes from the Welsh "cor" (observe, collect) plus "gi" (dog). Others interpret "corgi" in the meaning of "crossbreed" or "evil dog". Still others translate "cor" as "dwarf, dwarf".

The official debut of the breed at exhibitions took place in England and dates back to 1925. Both Pembroke and cardigan species were evaluated as representatives of the same breed until 1934, until the Kennel Club of Great Britain recognized them as completely independent from each other. In the same year, 1934, for a greater differentiation of types, it was decided to stop the Pembroke tails.

Welsh corgi Pembrokes have become extremely popular due to the fact that they are the favorites of the royal family of Great Britain. Back in 1933, the Duke of York, later King George VI, gave his daughters a little Pembroke. Since then, these wonderful dogs have become permanent residents of Buckingham Palace and even participate in official receptions, and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain is rightfully considered the world's greatest lover and connoisseur of the breed.

Corgi puppy runs after butterflies

Video: Welsh Corgi

Appearance of a Welsh corgi

welsh corgi pembroke

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a squat, compact and sturdy dog. The length of the trunk (from the withers to the base of the tail) is approximately 40% greater than the height from the withers to the ground (25-30 cm).

The weight of the animal is proportional to the height and is up to 12.7 kg for bitches and no more than 13.6 kg for males.

Show representatives of the breed should have a lower weight – about 11.4 kg and 12.4 kg, respectively.

Head and skull

The corgi's head resembles a fox in shape, the skull is quite wide and flat between the ears. The muzzle is proportional to the skull in a ratio of 3:5, slightly tapering to the nose. The transition from forehead to muzzle is moderately pronounced. The nose is always black.

Jaws and teeth

The jaws of the corgi are strong with a well-defined regular scissor bite.


Small size, rounded. The color of the iris is brown, in good harmony with the color of the coat.


The muzzle of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Medium-sized, sharp, with slightly rounded tips. A conventional line drawn from the nose through the center of the eye should cross the tip of the ear or pass very close to it.


Average. The thorax is rounded, slightly egg-shaped and of moderate length. The topline is flat, with a possible small depression in the withers area.


Short. There are options – docked or natural. If the tail of the corgi is not docked, then it should be located in line with the top, carry low enough and in no case throw on its back.


Corgi's hind legs

The pasterns of the forelimbs of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi are short and as straight as possible. The bones are wide up to the paw, without constriction. The elbows are close to the sides. The shoulders are harmoniously placed and are at right angles to the forearms. The hind limbs are short and strong. The angles of the knee joints are good, the metatarsals are straight. The bones are strong.

The paws are oval in shape with strong fingers, the two central ones are slightly pushed forward. The pads are dense, well filled. The claws are short.


Straight with a good dense undercoat. It is never soft and wavy, as well as wire-like.

There is no such thing as a lot of corgi
Black corgi puppy


The color of the Welsh corgi is red, light red, black with red markings with possible light markings on the chest, neck and paws (tricolor), sable. The breed standard allows white markings on the head and muzzle.

The disadvantages of the Welsh Corgi breed include:

  • incorrect tail delivery;
  • excessively deep chest that interferes with the movements of the animal, barrel-shaped or flat chest shape;
  • high position of the dog's backside or vice versa excessive sloping of the top line;
  • straight hock joints, narrowly set limbs;
  • aggression or timidity in character;
  • Any deviations from a free natural gait (mincing step, "prancing", "waddling" step).

In males, two normally developed testicles fully lowered into the scrotum should be clearly expressed.

Photo of an adult Welsh corgi

Pembroke's Welsh Corgi character

All owners of Pembroke Welsh Corgi dogs speak almost with one voice about the wonderful character of these little shepherds. Among the main features are the activity of the animal, its high intelligence and amazing friendliness to representatives of the human race. If corgis can still afford to show some alertness and aggressiveness towards other dogs, then growl or bark at a person – almost never.

I have a corgi and I am very happy about it ^-^

Originally, Pembrokes were exclusively herding dogs. This is an activity that requires endurance, ingenuity and the ability to work in a team. Many people are genuinely surprised by the very high activity of the corgi, who likes to run, frolic and even have fun fooling around, despite his appearance, which would seem not quite conducive to such a pastime. Neither modest size nor short legs are a hindrance to him in this occupation.

Welsh corgi pembrokes are dogs that can genuinely enjoy life. It seems that these cute dogs just don't know what a melancholy and bad mood is. Communication with the owner, walks and even work – everything gives the dogs pleasure. Their smiling muzzle, full of enthusiasm and optimism look can not leave anyone indifferent.

Such a social being as Pembroke still needs to be looked for. They do not just love the owner and strive to be around him. They want to be together with their person always. Whatever you do, your pet will be there. Dogs of this wonderful breed have one interesting feature – they like to touch the owner with their paw or push him with their nose. The Welsh corgi sits down next to you and gently touches you several times in a row with a small interval of time, as if hinting that there is simply no more interesting activity than to communicate with such a highly attractive and intelligent dog. However, if you do not respond to these signs of attention, the beast will understand (not the fact that immediately) that he will have to wait. Fearing to miss the moment when the owner is released, Pembroke will languish from loneliness and forgetfulness, lying down at your feet.

I think I've found the best place in this house!

Corgis are very fond of children. They stoically tolerate all manifestations of children's delight and intense games. No matter how actively they are being dragged-kissed-squeezed, the animal will never show even the slightest hint of aggression towards the child.

Welsh Corgis consider themselves obliged to be aware of all the events happening around. Even this dog will try to choose a place to sleep in the middle of the room or right on the aisle, so that if anything happens, he will be right there.

Pastoral work has developed another characteristic feature of this breed – fearlessness. If the ancestors were not afraid to engage in battle with wolves, then your pet, without any doubt and hesitation, will rush into battle even with an opponent significantly larger than him.

Pembrokes are surprisingly talkative, they express their emotions not only by barking and whining. Corgi are not bad singers (though not all). If they are overwhelmed with positive feelings, then the peculiar roulades in different versions can last for a long time. Those who have been deprived of vocal talents by nature manifest themselves with the help of a variety of sounds: grunting, "grunting", squealing and even mumbling. They do it so expressively that the owner has no other choice but to enter into a dialogue with his pet.

Pembroke Welsh corgi with a cat

Pembroke's voice is difficult to distinguish from a large dog. Welsh corgis bark loudly and at low notes, which does not quite correspond to their small size.

The instincts of this dog require that all living beings surrounding him be under control, be organized and move only in the right direction. It is from here that the habit of Pembrokes, especially young ones, nibble people's legs and heels from behind. In the absence of geese or sheep, your family members are determined for the role of "wards", who will have to endure such manifestations of the breed's character. It is not difficult to wean a pet from this habit, you just need to show consistency and perseverance.

Welsh corgi pembrokes love to eat. This is also genetically embedded. Shepherd's work required a lot of strength, and it was possible to restore them only by having a hearty snack. Modern dogs have less worries, but the love of food has remained at the same level, so the Welsh corgi will never give up an extra piece, another thing is that overeating in the absence of active work will negatively affect the dog's health, primarily on the spine.

With all the general features, each pet has a number of individual characteristics. Someone is more calm, someone is more playful, someone is more hooligan than their relatives. But whatever dog you get, you can be sure: Your Pembroke will grow up to be a loyal, smart and brave friend!

I am smart, brave and incredibly beautiful!

Education and training

Looking at this small dog, it may seem strange to recommend turning to the literature on the upbringing and training of a German Shepherd. Experienced dog handlers claim that these breeds have very similar psychological portraits.

Before you bring the baby home, do the following:

  • put shoes out of the puppy's reach;
  • try to hide electrical wires, Internet and telephone cables behind furniture, pack them in boxes or under baseboards;
  • roll up the carpets, because it's easier to remove a puddle or a pile from the floor;
  • stock up on enough toys and improvised materials that the dog can chew out without harm to health.

Until the dog understands what is good and what is bad, some time will pass, and such precautions will not be superfluous at all.

The main principle in the upbringing of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is categoricality and consistency. Once something forbidden should not be resolved later.

As for the rules of training, they are quite simple. No special technique has been developed for these dogs, because they are naturally smart and quick-witted. First of all, the puppy needs to be taught to respond to its own nickname. Call Pembroke to you more often, talk to him, calling him by name. So should all your household members.

Since the training process is perceived by corgi as a game, then the tone of communication with the puppy should be team-playful. It is very important to choose the right intonation color for a particular team.

"To me!" is pronounced at first only together with the name of the dog and is accompanied by a pat on the thigh or a squat. Do not give the command too sharply, it is better to do it slowly.

The command "Place!" assumes a clear intonation with a hint of threat. The dog's nickname is also necessarily pronounced, and the puppy is necessarily delivered to a certain place, which should be chosen in advance and not changed during training.

The command "To me!" can be given only some time after the command "Place!".

Very quickly Pembrokes master the execution of the command "Bring it!". Holding the puppy by the collar, throw his toy, give the command and release the puppy. He must definitely give you the item. To achieve this, show the animal your favorite treat, holding it in your hand. At first, corgi will perceive this as a mutually beneficial exchange, but very soon he will follow the command just for fun.

Be sure to praise your pet, even if at first he does not succeed. Patience, perseverance and love are the components of success.

Specialized training courses, if necessary, it makes sense to start when the corgi reaches the age of four months. It is better if a professional will help you with this.

Care and maintenance

Despite the fact that the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a fairly expensive breed, you will not find any particularly complex requirements for its care. There is practically no characteristic smell from these dogs, so bathing her often will not be required. However, given that the dog is short-legged, it will not be possible to avoid water procedures in rainy weather. For bathing, use only special shampoos of high quality and do not forget to thoroughly wash off the remnants of detergents from the wool. To make corgi less dirty, many owners buy special overalls.

Of hygienic procedures, it is important not to forget to cut the pet's claws with a certain frequency (at least once a week). During the manipulations, do not forget to cut the wool between the toes of the paws. Also keep the dog's ears clean and clean them as they get dirty.

Grooming is extremely simple. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi sheds twice a year, at this time try to comb the dog thoroughly every day. In other periods, it is sometimes enough to treat the dog with a brush.

As for the diet, many breeders offer to opt for premium dry food. If you decide to give preference to natural products, then it should be remembered that the main task is to provide your pet with a balanced diet. The diet must include meat products (except poultry), cereals, eggs (at least twice a week), low-fat cottage cheese. It is better not to use legumes (lentils, peas) and pearl barley for feeding corgi. Do not forget to introduce vegetable dishes into your pet's diet. It is unnecessary to remind about the constant availability of clean water.

Animals quickly get used to any living conditions, be it a small apartment or a country house. They have a good thick undercoat that protects from the cold in winter and from the heat in summer, but this does not mean that you can keep a Pembroke Welsh corgi in a booth on the street. This is still more of a house breed of dogs, and it is better for her to be in the house.

Combing the fur of a Welsh corgi

If you live in a city apartment, try to provide your pet with good physical activity.

It's not difficult to arrange a dog place. To do this, any unnecessary pillow will do, on which you can put a pillowcase and change it as it gets dirty. If this option does not suit you, buy a special house for your pet at the pet store.

Remembering the natural activity of corgi, buy your pet a sufficient number of toys.

When buying Pembroke, be prepared to give him as much of your time as possible – because he needs it so much.

Health and diseases of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Pembroke cannot be attributed to a pampered breed suffering from numerous diseases. This is a strong working hardy dog. If you vaccinate your pet in a timely and complete manner and regularly visit a veterinarian, then there will be no special health problems.

However, animals still have a number of "weak links". Dogs of this breed often have problems with their eyes and ears, so preventive visits to the doctor are necessary. In childhood, Welsh Corgi Pembrokes sometimes suffer from narcolepsy. This is a rare disease that manifests itself in the fact that the dog suddenly falls asleep for no reason. The main thing at this moment is to protect the baby from sharp loud sounds.

Another risk zone is the back. Corgi is a short–legged dog and quite long, so there may be problems with intervertebral discs. Try not to let your pet jump from a height to the ground. And in general, any jumps are not for this dog. His element is running.

Pembrokes really like to eat. To avoid any health complications due to obesity, monitor the diet of your corgi and monitor physical activity.

Another typical Welsh problem is hip dysplasia. This disease is inherited, so it is necessary to monitor the condition of the joints, starting from an early age.

Best Friend Solidarity

How to choose a puppy

If you chose the Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed, then to buy a healthy and strong puppy that would meet the breed standard, follow the basic rules.

I will save this city!

Buying a pet at the bird market is a priori a failure. The acquisition of Welsh via the Internet is an equally dubious idea. There is only one way out – to contact a well-known breeder or a nursery that is engaged in breeding this particular breed.

Remembering that Pembroke is a breed of dog, where 75-80% of hereditary traits (in health, character, appearance) the puppy gets from the mother, buy a small corgi from a well–established bitch.

Be sure to pay attention to the temperament and character of the baby. The puppy should be cheerful, curious and even somewhat intrusive, he should be interested in everything.

A thoroughbred dog must necessarily have a puppy card indicating the organization under whose jurisdiction the breeder or kennel that sells you the animal falls. In addition, there must be a veterinary passport with notes about all vaccinations carried out.

When choosing a puppy, pay attention to the conditions in which his parents are kept, ask about their achievements in an exhibition career, lifestyle (apartment or suburban maintenance).

It is better to buy a baby who was born as a result of a planned mating.

As for external signs, then:

  • you should not be confused that the ears of a one–and-a-half-month-old corgi may not be standing yet - they will definitely take an upright position after a while;
  • baby pembroke's eyes are always dark in color and rounded in shape;
  • the expression of the muzzle should be mischievous and cunning – "foxy", which is very appreciated in the breed;
  • in males, especially if they are planned for breeding work, at the age of 45 days, both testicles are already well defined in the scrotum.

Another relevant question is who to choose – a boy or a girl? By character, temperament and intelligence, you will not find a difference. Physiological differences will eventually require you to take a different approach to the conditions of keeping a bitch or a male.

When you first meet a corgi, you should feel that it is your puppy. And even if he is the last in the litter, buy him without a doubt. He is the last one, not because he is bad, but because he was waiting for you.

Photos of Welsh corgi puppies

How much does a Pembroke Welsh corgi cost

Pembroke Welsh Corgi dogs are in the top 5 by value. And can the favorite breed of the English royal house be cheap? But it's not just the popularity and rarity of the animal. The fact is that animals are very difficult to breed. Firstly, it is not at all easy to find a suitable pair for knitting. Sometimes owners have to go even to other cities, overcoming considerable distances. But a successful meeting of a pair of Pembrokes still does not guarantee anything. Practice shows that in almost 80% of cases, a cesarean section is performed for the delivery of bitches of this breed. This is followed by nursing, feeding puppies, their mandatory vaccination and registration of relevant documents. All these costs are compensated, at least partially, by the cost of puppies.

There is a certain price gradation for puppies of this breed.

I'm not a corgi, I'm a bunny

A pet-class kid who will not participate in exhibitions due to any deviations from the breed standard or the lack of a complete package of documents, you can buy at a price of $200-$250. And this is the minimum amount. If it's cheaper, they want to deceive you: either it's not corgi, or the puppy has serious health problems.

A breed-class dog will "pull" in the amount of $300 to $400. The puppy is provided with all the necessary documents, vaccinated, meets breed standards.

The show-class corgi is the child of champion dogs. You are practically guaranteed a healthy elite dog with all the chances to make a brilliant exhibition career. The price for such a baby will start from the mark of $550, and often higher.

The cost of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy is directly dependent on the purity of the breed, health and prospects. The price for a girl will be higher than for a male.

When planning to purchase a representative of this particular breed, decide for what purpose you want to buy this wonderful dog. In any case, whether it's a pet-class puppy or an elite kid, you will never regret your decision, because the Pembroke Welsh corgi is above all a kind, intelligent, cheerful and devoted friend.

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