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Tonkinese cat

Tonkin cat
Other names: tonkinesis

Tonkin cat is a breed that arose as a result of crossing Siamese and Burmese cats. Very friendly, affectionate and inquisitive.

Brief information

  • Breed name: Tonkin cat
  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Weight: 2.5 – 5 kg
  • Life expectancy: 10 – 16 years

Tonkin Cat is a beautiful breed with a gently nutty coat color and aquamarine eyes, which has gathered the best qualities from Siamese and Burmese cats. They have an easy-going character, grateful, attached to all family members. Tonkinese cats are very playful, happy to communicate with children.

Breed characteristics

Activity ?
High ( Rating 4/5)
Affectionate ?
Affectionate ( Rating 4/5)
Molt ?
Low ( Rating 2/5)
Need for care ?
Minimum ( Rating 1/5)
Health ?
Average ( Rating 3/5)
Sociability ?
High ( Rating 4/5)
Playfulness ?
Very playful ( Rating 5/5)
Friendliness ?
Very friendly ( Rating 5/5)
Intelligence ?
Smart ( Rating 4/5)
*The characteristics of the Tonkin cat breed are based on the assessment of experts and reviews of cat owners.


Breeders of two countries – Canada and the USA - simultaneously undertook the breeding of the Tonkin breed of cats. Canadian breeders managed to do this a little earlier than their American colleagues – around the 60s of the XX century.

Of course, when the breeders took up breeding a new breed, it was not even called Tonkinskaya in the minds of breeders. Both American and Canadian experts have set themselves the task of breeding a Burmese-type cat. Representatives of the new breed had to have the color of a Siamese cat, but at the same time be of a strong physique. And the breeders of the two countries, without collusion, followed the same path in trying to get a new breed — they began to cross Siamese and Burmese cats. When the result was achieved, both in America and in Canada, these cats were called golden Siamese. And later renamed the Tonkin cat (tonkinesis).

In the USA now it is one of the most beloved and popular cats, in Russia this breed is not particularly common.

Breeding of Tonkin cats is associated with certain difficulties — usually only half of the kittens in the litter have the necessary color "mink". This means that only they can participate in the further breeding of the breed.


  • Color: real mink (brown background, chocolate markings), champagne-colored mink (beige background, pale brown markings), platinum mink (pale gray background, dark gray markings), blue mink (gray-blue color, gray-blue markings).
  • Eyes: large, almond-shaped, obliquely set, expressive, bluish-green (aquamarine), lower eyelid slightly rounded.
  • Coat: short, shiny, thick, soft, silky, fits snugly to the body.
  • Tail: not thick, wide at the base, slightly tapering towards the end, the tip is blunt, the length of the tail corresponds to the distance from the sacrum to the shoulder blades.

Features of behavior

The Tonkinese cat, despite the fact that it originated from Siamese, has a very light and accommodating character compared to them. She did not inherit from Siamese "relatives" bouts of jealousy and vindictiveness. Tonkineses are very soft and obedient, so there are no special difficulties with their upbringing.

Representatives of this breed belong to companion cats. They quickly and firmly attach themselves to the owner and are ready to accompany him everywhere. Tonkinese are happy to walk on a leash, but at home alone, on the contrary, they do not like to stay. Therefore, it is best to take the cat with you for walks in the park or on a trip to the country.

Tonkinese cats are very inquisitive and playful. However, it is not in their nature to tear the sofa in the game or scratch the closet in search of interesting places. These cats like to sit on the shoulder of the owner, surveying the surroundings.

Tonkineses are not shy, they are sociable and easily converge with strangers. So if there are often guests in the house, then the Tonkin cat is the best pet.

Health and Care

Tonkineses are very easy to care for. This is probably one of the easiest breeds to care for. These cats have short fur, so they don't have to be combed for hours. It is enough to brush it once or twice a week. Sometimes you can comb out a tonkinesis and just with your hands. At the same time, from time to time you need to wet your hands, then all the dead hairs are easily removed.

Tonkinese cats do not need to build a specific bathing schedule. Water treatments are carried out as needed. It is enough to wipe the pet's ears with a damp cotton swab to remove dirt. It is important to remember here that only surface dirt should be removed. In no case should you climb deep into the ear canal.

Tonkineses are characterized by excellent health. However, there are a number of diseases to which Tonkin cats are predisposed. For example, they have low overall immunity to upper respiratory tract diseases. Therefore, you need to monitor the air temperature in the house, try not to allow drafts so that the cat does not catch a cold.

From their "relatives" – Siamok – Tonkin cats have adopted a tendency to dental problems. To exclude such diseases, it is necessary not to ignore routine vet examinations.

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