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Brief information

  • Breed name: Bobtail
  • Country of origin: United Kingdom
  • Birth time of the breed: 1888
  • Weight: 27-46 kg
  • Height (height at the withers): males from 61 cm, females from 56 cm
  • Life expectancy: 12-13 years

Bobtail is a shepherd breed of dogs from the UK. This huge and curly-haired dog is very popular due to its friendly nature. The Old English Shepherd Dog is used today not only as a shepherd, but also as a companion, guide dog, and even for the therapy of children with physical and mental retardation. It is noteworthy that a huge bobtail can easily carry urban maintenance and does not need much physical exertion.

Breed characteristics

Aggressiveness ?
Low ( Rating 2/5)
Activity ?
Average ( Rating 3/5)
Training ?
Average ( Rating 3/5)
Molt ?
High ( Rating 4/5)
Need for care ?
Very high ( Rating 5/5)
Friendliness ?
Very friendly ( Rating 5/5)
Health ?
Average ( Rating 3/5)
Cost of maintenance ?
Above Average ( Rating 4/5)
Attitude to Loneliness ?
Moderate time ( Rating 3/5)
Intelligence ?
Smart ( Rating 4/5)
Noise ?
Low ( Rating 2/5)
Security qualities ?
Bad guard ( Rating 2/5)
*The characteristics of the Bobtail breed are based on the assessment of experts and reviews of dog owners.
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