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American Naked Terrier

American Naked Terrier
Other names: AGT

The American naked Terrier is a breed of hairless medium–sized dogs that appeared in the 80s of the XX century, in the USA, as a result of a genetic mutation.

Brief information

  • Breed name: American Naked Terrier
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • The time of the birth of the breed: 1972
  • Weight: 5.5-7.3 kg
  • Height (height at the withers): 25-46 cm
  • Life expectancy: 14-16 years


  • Despite the fact that the ancestors of the breed are rat terriers masterfully destroying rodents, AGT did not inherit their working qualifications.
  • American naked terriers did not have time to build up a sufficient breeding gene pool, so rat terriers are still involved in their breeding. Mandatory requirement – both manufacturers must be registered pets.
  • Unlike dogs with a classic coat, American naked terriers are considered less allergenic, so they are suitable for keeping people with weakened immunity.
  • AGT is bred in two types – completely naked animals and individuals with a slight coat.
  • The absence of a warming undercoat leads to the fact that representatives of the breed become vulnerable to the effects of low temperatures and ultraviolet light.
  • American naked terriers have partially preserved the instincts of their ancestors to dig up the ground and chase cats.
  • Representatives of this family do not claim to be the only pet and peacefully coexist on the same living space with other dogs.
  • The hairlessness gene inherited by AGT is recessive. This is a unique feature, since in other naked breeds, including the Chinese crested, the gene responsible for the absence of wool remains dominant.

American Naked Terrier is an energetic humorist-entertainer who knows how to turn off his internal engine in time to please his beloved master. Non-confrontational, moderately friendly, but not at all weak-willed, this clockwork "naked" will color the most gray everyday life with a positive. Serious matters will not be forgotten by the pet either, so in between the fun, the terrier will be happy to work with a live alarm, bravely barking at everyone who ventured into its territory.

Breed characteristics

Aggressiveness ?
Low ( Rating 2/5)
Activity ?
Very high ( Rating 5/5)
Training ?
Average ( Rating 3/5)
Molt ?
Minimum ( Rating 1/5)
Need for care ?
Average ( Rating 3/5)
Friendliness ?
Friendly ( Rating 4/5)
Health ?
Good ( Rating 4/5)
Cost of maintenance ?
Low ( Rating 2/5)
Attitude to loneliness ?
Short Periods ( Rating 2/5)
Intelligence ?
Smart ( Rating 4/5)
Noise ?
Above Average ( Rating 4/5)
Security qualities ?
Average ( Rating 3/5)
*Characteristics of the American Naked Terrier breed are based on expert assessment and reviews of dog owners.

History of the American Naked Terrier breed

American Naked Terrier Puppy

The American naked terrier is a product of a genetic mutation that was released in the 80s of the last century. Hairless puppies were born in terrier families before, but until the second half of the XX century, no one thought of breeding them. A pioneer in this field was a resident of Louisiana – Edwin Scott. Having bought a naked puppy from a pair of rat terriers in 1972, he became interested in breeding and began experimenting with inbreeding.

Scott christened the acquired bitch Josephine and waited for the animal to be ready for mating. Subsequently, the dog breeder knitted the four-legged pet several times with a rat terrier, who was her father, but most of the litters brought by the dog had normal hair. The long-awaited naked baby was born only once and immediately got the nickname Gypsy.

Eight years after the first mating, Josephine finally brought four puppies, two of which inherited their mother's naked body. The babies were named Jemima and Snoopy, they grew up and began to be used in breeding, as well as the parent. Scott himself managed to open and register a small kennel by this time, in which he continued to experiment with the phenotype of naked dogs.

The path to recognition for AGT was not rapid. Only in 1998 the animals were registered by the American Association of Rare Breeds. A year later, the UKC (United Kennel Club) joined the process. However, the "pebbles" were first included in his lists not as an independent breed, but as a separate variety of rat terriers.

In 2010, the descendants of Edwin Scott's wards received full recognition of the RKF, in 2016 they were able to "break through" into the AKC tribal bases. Only the FCI commission does not give up its positions, according to which American naked terriers continue to enter the organization on the limited rights of a pre-approved breed.

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Breed standard American Naked Terrier

American naked terriers owe their extravagant exterior to an extensive palette of colors, which, combined with hairless skin, turns them into a compact living miracle. Individuals in spotted "clothes" look especially elegant, whose colored marks on the body have a clear contour that enhances the contrast of the suit. By the way, AGT is one of the few breeds whose representatives have such large growth limits – from 25 to 46 cm.

In profile, the muzzles of American naked terriers subtly resemble the heads of Pharaoh dogs, but in a slightly less elegant execution. A slight resemblance to the Maltese greyhound is also provided by the ears – triangular, standing vertically or semi-hanging. Like all representatives of the genus of terriers, AGT are very mobile, frisky and bouncy pets, so you can really feel the charm of the breed only by watching its representatives in motion.


The dog's skull is characterized by a sufficient width, a domed shape of outlines and convex cheek areas. The muzzle of classic lines, which tends to narrow in the area of the nose. All together, this forms a wedge-shaped head with a smooth stop.

Teeth and jaws

The movable jaws of the American naked Terrier provide a strong grip. Teeth of normal size, standing straight and closing into a scissor-like or straight type of bite (the first option is preferable).

Nose and lips

The nose lobe should have a uniform black or any other color in accordance with the suit. The lips are closely adjacent to the gums, the color is the same as the color of the lobe.


The bulging eyes of American naked terriers resemble the outlines of a circle rather than an oval. The landing of the eyes is oblique, the eyelids are pigmented, the color coincides with the tone of the lobe and lips. Any color of the iris is allowed in the range from amber to dark brown. Allowed variations: blue, dark gray, as well as amber eyes in AGT blue suit.


The V-shaped ear cloth of a terrier can be erect, semi-hanging or raised on cartilage. The exception is individuals under the age of one year, in which the position of the ear is unstable and may change as they grow older. At exhibitions, such dogs are not lowered for the exterior of the ears.


Graceful, smooth, muscular, with a beautiful curve. At the head, the neck circumference is slightly narrower than at the base.


Purebred AGT has a slightly stretched body. In a moving and frozen animal, the back always remains flat. The lumbar region is moderately short and prominent. For the croup part, a small bevel is typical, the stomach is normally picked up. The chest has sufficient depth and width, in its lower part it falls to the level of the elbows or below.


In the rack, the forelimbs of the dog look perfectly smooth and strong. The shoulder area is filled with dense muscle tissue. The shoulder blades are characterized by a deviation back and a close fit to the withers in the upper part. Forearms with shoulder blades form a 90° joint angle. Short powerful pasterns stand almost vertically.

The hind legs are in balance with the body, with the shins and thighs of the same length. The angles of the joints are clearly marked. In the rack, short metatarsals are characterized by a parallel set relative to each other, forming a vertical line. The miniature paws of the animal are shaped like an oval. An important feature is that the middle fingers on the paws grow longer, while they should not be too flattened or have an eversion to the sides. It is also mandatory to remove the dewclaws on the hind legs (on the front ones – at the initiative of the owner).


The tail of the American naked Terrier is thick at the base, with a moderately thin tip. In a wary dog, he assumes a saber-like position. A relaxed animal holds its tail below the back or slightly higher. In representatives of the breed with a woolly coat, the tail is allowed to be stopped, but only between the second and third vertebrae from the base.


Hairy puppies are still being born in AGT litters. It is easy to distinguish such babies: their bodies are covered with smooth short hair, through which the skin does not shine through. Completely "bald" individuals are born, dressed in airy downy "fur coats", disappearing at 6-8 weeks of life. In adult "pebbles", eyebrows, chin and sideburns are covered with a small amount of hair. Sometimes very rare thin hairs can grow on the body, which is considered a normal phenomenon. An important feature: in uncomfortable situations, the dog can sweat, then droplets of moisture appear on the body and hairs.


For completely naked terriers, the same types of suit are allowed as for the "wool" variety. Often naked individuals have mottled skin that changes color under the influence of sunlight. In addition, with age, the area of spots on the body increases. Sometimes one-color "bald men" with a unique charm can also appear.

Common suits of individuals whose bodies are covered with hair are two–tone, three-color, solid white, mottled, red with darkened ends (sable). A mandatory requirement for all the listed colors, except solid white, is the presence of white zones of all sizes located on any parts of the body. Less popular, but acceptable breed suits: brown, black, apricot, blue, lemon. The listed colors can be of varying degrees of intensity, but it is imperative that the lobe and the edging of the animal's eyes are colored to match the wool.

Disqualifying breed defects

The main defects of the exterior and behavior, the presence of which threatens American naked terriers with non-admission to the exhibition ring:

  • marble wool;
  • complete absence of white areas on the body, as well as any solid color other than white (only for dogs with fur);
  • aggression and self-doubt in the ring;
  • deafness – complete or unilateral;
  • albinism;
  • curly hair;
  • short–legged - when an animal does not fit in the parameters of length and height in the ratio of 10:9;
  • hanging type ears;
  • congenital short-tailedness;
  • cryptorchidism in any form.

Character of the American naked Terrier

The American naked Terrier is a dog focused not on work, but on friendship and companionship, so do not try to charge her with hunting small pests like mice and rats. For this purpose, you need to get less glamorous rat Terriers. At the same time, the stalking instincts of "naked" are not alien, therefore, it is not only desirable, but also necessary to look after a pet on a walk. Keen on digging holes and running after cats, the dog may not hear your command and get lost.

If you keep two or more American naked terriers, get ready to give your best on walks to the maximum. These comrades love to play pranks in each other's company and arrange impromptu races in wastelands. In addition, the breed is capable of all sorts of tricks. Some terriers like to collect things around the house and store them in a secluded place, others copy the cat's habits, trying to displace the purr from the occupied niche, others work as garbage collectors, removing plastic containers for the owner and sending it to the waste bucket. What talents a particular puppy will have, even the owner of the kennel will not predict, so buying a small AGT is always an exciting lottery.

It is worth noting that in the home environment, the American naked terrier does not develop such violent activity as on the street, and behaves quite like a gentleman. He is always not averse to competing with the owner in dexterity, but if he does not meet an emotional response to his actions, he will not bother and impose. In general, the breed practices pranks that are mandatory for all terriers, like gnawing toys, but it does it with restraint. Arrange a mess in the apartment just because it was boring, "bald" definitely will not.

AGT are very supportive of children who are seen as colleagues in tricks and pranks. In whatever direction the game turns, the American naked terrier will not allow himself to threaten a child with a growl, much less show his teeth. These funny "pebbles" simply do not know what a bad mood and aggression directed against a person is, and therefore they try to resolve any conflict peacefully. In cases where a scolding from the owner threatens, the last resort is used – a disarming smile, which has become the "chip" of the entire clan of American naked terriers.

Despite the softened terrier instincts, AGTS still remain vigilant watchmen. Of course, compact dogs cannot detain an attacker, but you will always know in advance about the arrival of an invited or unexpected guest. It is easy for American naked terriers to build friendly relations with other representatives of the domestic fauna. These four-legged diplomats quickly figure out which of the "tails" can be slowed down, and who should be left alone in the name of their own safety. You can safely buy an "American" in the company of a shepherd dog or a representative of another large breed – contact and mutual understanding will be found in the shortest possible time.

Education and training

The basic skills that a puppy who has moved to a new home must master are using the toilet, the habit of walking on a leash and responding to his own nickname, as well as the willingness to observe the sleep and feeding regime. All these skills are a preliminary stage on the way to training the American naked Terrier. Before you start to engage with the baby "in an adult way", it is desirable to form the concept of discipline, otherwise the dog will simply refuse to obey your requirements. Be sure to learn the command "Place!" with the puppy, which will help the animal understand that he has his own corner in the house. In the case of AGT, the traditional method works better: the owner pronounces the command, laying the terrier on the mattress after eating and gently holding the pet in this position.

It is important to understand that the American naked Terrier is a sensitive and easily distracted pet, so it is more appropriate to conduct lessons in a playful way, unobtrusively leading the animal to execute commands. One of the first to enter the order "Fu!". In fact, it is allowed to work out already on the first walk with three-month-old puppies. With learning the command "To me!" it is also not worth delaying, otherwise it will be problematic to manage a pet outside the home walls. For a nimble and curious kid, the AGT approach at the request of the owner is one of the most difficult skills, so calmly accept the fact that at first the "naked" will pretend that he did not hear the hail. It is also not necessary to run as fast as you can after the retreating pet. This behavior will be regarded by the dog as a game of catch-up and next time he will definitely repeat the trick with imitation of deafness.

The optimal age for learning more complex commands and sports tricks with an American naked terrier is 7 months. But it is implied that by this moment the puppy is socialized, educated and has already comprehended the initial elements of training. If, at this age, the dog is only trying to join your family, it is worth talking seriously with the seller about the skills possessed by his pupil. It is more difficult to teach a grown-up American naked terrier to the outdoor toilet, feeding regime and rules of behavior in the family, unless you have come across a responsible breeder who was engaged with his puppies and managed to partially socialize and train them in terms of etiquette.

Maintenance and care

The American naked terrier is a decorative companion breed, whose place is in an apartment or in a house, next to the owner. The conditions for keeping hairless pets are standard. The animal will need its own bed in a quiet corner, protected from drafts and remote from heating appliances, bowls for water and drinking, as well as a supply of toys. The terrier is supposed to be taken out for a walk twice a day, and the duration of each exit should be at least an hour.

Don't forget to protect your pet's sensitive skin from the destructive effects of ultraviolet light and cold. A terrier walking in the sun easily burns, so before summer walks, it is better to lubricate the dog's body with sunscreen or pull an old cotton T-shirt on it. In the autumn bad weather and frosty days, the ward should be dressed in warm, waterproof clothes so that he does not catch a cold. You can supplement the equipment with special boots – in the cold, the unprotected skin of the paws is easily injured by ice and ice crust.

Important: some representatives of the breed have an allergy to natural wool, so do not try to dress an American naked terrier in blankets and overalls made of this material.

Do not go to the other extreme and turn a four-legged companion into a pampered creature, trembling from the slightest breath of wind. Remember, on a walk, the dog should warm up in motion. There is also no need to shake over every scratch that appears on the sides of the American naked terrier. Such injuries heal quickly, although they can leave barely noticeable stripes and scars on the body.


Despite the presence of the word "naked" in the name of the breed, "Americans" are not completely hairless – the body of dogs is covered with microscopic hairs up to 1 mm long. It is thanks to them that AGT is called velvet pets, because when in contact with the palm of the owner, the hairs create the same velour effect that fans of the breed like to talk about.

The skin of American naked terriers is protected by a layer of fatty grease and has an increased ability to regenerate. In this regard, you can bathe a pet more often than representatives of other breeds, and without any harm to health. The main thing is to choose the right gentle shampoo, with which bath days can be arranged at least every day. Frequent bathing is especially relevant if the owner of the terrier is allergic to dog dandruff. By washing off the dead scales of the epidermis with water, you temporarily neutralize allergens, which you will not be able to do with a pet that has a full-fledged coat.

Periodically, American naked terriers sweat. This is a normal reaction of the body to stress, but the owners prefer not to ignore this phenomenon and wipe the bodies of pets with clean, dry rags. If you notice that the skin of the AGT is over-dried, it is allowed to moisten it with creams specially designed for hairless breeds. In the absence of professional cosmetics, you can do with "human" products – moisturizing oils, aloe vera gel.

But it is not necessary to stock up on flea remedies in the case of AGT, for the simple reason that blood-sucking parasites do not linger on hairless skin. The exception to the rule is ticks, so after each walk, inspect the dog's body for the presence of harmful "passengers".

The ears of American naked terriers are cleaned as they become dirty, but you need to check the ear funnel at least 1 time a week. For hygiene of the inner part of the ear, lotions such as "Veda", "Pchelodar" are suitable. Pharmacy products can also be used to cleanse the mucous membrane of the eyelid – ophthalmic drops Doctor Vic, Iv San Bernard and others.

You can clean your dog's teeth from food plaque with a baby toothbrush or a soft silicone nozzle on your finger, sold in any pet store. It is important to buy a special paste – the options "for a person" will not work. If the animal categorically refuses to accept mechanical cleaning of teeth and gums, it is allowed to use disinfecting gels, which are simply applied. Alternatively, use liquid toothpaste, which is added to drinking water.


The American naked Terrier can be accustomed to both a natural menu and industrial feeds. The only nuance is the food allergy inherent in the breed. When selecting a new "drying", take precautions and try not to feed your pet chicken. The rest of the special diet "golysham" is not required. They willingly eat any products allowed to dogs: lean meat, giblets, sea fish (preferably red and only in the form of fillets), as well as fermented milk with reduced fat content. Buckwheat and rice cereals, from which you can cook porridge on meat and bone broth, will help to make the diet more satisfying. Vegetables, fruits and greens are allowed almost everything. Exceptions are grapes, exotic fruits, legumes, potatoes, onions and garlic. Excellent dietary supplements – fish oil, chicken and quail eggs, kelp, flaxseed, as well as any other vegetable unrefined oil.

It is better to coordinate the purchase of vitamin and mineral complexes with a veterinarian: a specialist will examine the animal and tell you what trace elements are missing in the terrier's body. Owners whose wards are fed by drying can save on dietary supplements, since the composition of professional feeds includes all the necessary additives for the animal.

Health and diseases of American naked Terriers

American naked terriers are classic healthy dogs that have escaped the genetic ailments of their ancestors and, with good care, live up to 12-15 years. However, there may be some exceptions. For example, hereditary deafness can make itself felt in some individuals, which tests in veterinary clinics help to identify. Hypothyroidism and Perthes' disease also inherit a small percentage of puppies.

A fairly common ailment of American naked terriers is patella luxation (dislocation of the kneecap), provoking the dog's lameness. If you notice that the pet has started to waddle unnaturally, urgently examine it at the veterinarian. We will have to reckon with the predisposition of the breed to demodecosis. Unprotected undercoat skin of American naked terriers is especially susceptible to this unpleasant disease, manifested in the form of peeling and abscesses.

How to choose a puppy

  • Specify which lines the breeder specializes in breeding. Some dog breeders prefer to engage in mini-terriers, up to 25 cm tall, and some – individuals of normal size.
  • Evaluate the uniformity of the litter. If the puppies of the American naked terrier are too different in size, it signals that not the best producers participated in the mating.
  • Pay attention to pedigrees of breeding bitches and males. Keep in mind that outcrossing in the breed still takes place (crossing AGT with rat Terriers).
  • Find out when the American naked Terrier bitch had a previous litter. It is highly undesirable to take puppies from a dog giving birth once a year and more often.
  • Try to identify the individual characteristics of the character of an American naked terrier puppy using the Campbell test.
  • Do not take puppies if their parents are closely related – this increases the chances of offspring for genetic abnormalities.
  • The "girls" of the American naked Terrier are more intelligent, friendlier and more loyal than males. The main advantages of "boys" are determination, textured appearance, endurance.
  • Do not forget that age–related transformations of appearance for AGT puppies are a common phenomenon. Remember that drooping ears and slight body hairiness in the naked variety of the breed are temporary and will disappear as the animal matures.

The price of an American naked terrier

Despite the fact that the breed is actively conquering the world, its main livestock is concentrated in the United States. As for pricing policy, in the USA, an American naked terrier puppy can be purchased for $ 1000-2500. Moreover, the lower bar is the cost of a pet pet, and the upper one is the price tag set for breed and show individuals of rare colors. The difficulty of buying a dog in its historical homeland lies only in the fact that many American breeders are reluctant to sell their wards abroad, given the difficulties of transportation.

Babies from domestic breeders with the RKF metric are put up for sale at least for $300 – $400. The only nuance of the acquisition is the willingness to travel around the country in search of a reliable monopred nursery. An alternative to buying AGT in Russia is a tour of the CIS and the near abroad. In almost all of these countries there are breeders with experience offering puppies from titled purebred producers.

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